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Bozarth House Concert

Stockmyer/Astuno House Concert



  Hosting a House Concert

Would you enjoy a party where friends and family could share good
fellowship and great music? If the answer is YES, then a House Concert is for you!

Hosting a House Concert gives you the opportunity to gather your friends, have a great party, and listen to live original music.

It’s a unique experience your guests are sure to remember!

There are many people who love music, but who don’t want to go to bars or large concerts to see artists because of the noise or the crowds. In hosting a House Concert, you get the satisfaction of sharing your passion for original music with friends by providing a treasured night in the privacy of your home.

The evening is sure to be remembered!


You can use your own home, a friend's home, or a family member's home for the House
Concert. The home should be suitable for a minimum of 25 people. If you plan to have the concert outside then you can ask your guests to bring their own lawn chairs. You can be creative with how the evening looks as far as what happens prior to the concert and what takes place after. You can also ask those attending to each bring an appetizer to share and to bring their own drinks.

Some House Concert hosts have potlucks or sit down dinners.

House Concerts allow the audience a special chance to be up close and personal to the performing artist, where they can see and hear the nuances of the performance better and be able to hear the story behind the songs. A house concert also gives your friends an opportunity to meet and mingle with the performer. The performer, in this case, Peggy Mann, loves to visit with her audience and sign CD’s that will be available for purchase.

Peggy supplies her own small sound system that doesn’t overpower the room, but adds enough
sound so that every word can be heard. The house concert can be structured any way that works for the host.

Peggy generally plays one 75-90 minute. Just enough to keep your guests wanting more!!!

House concerts can be structured where the host pays the performer or where all guests chip in to enjoy the evening. House Concerts are a tangible way in which you can support the music community and give independent artists the opportunity to build a following.

By supporting or hosting a House Concert, you are making a significant contribution to the arts and an independent artist’s career.

The cost of a House Concert varies depending on location and whether Peggy is playing by herself or with her band.

Travel and housing expenses would be additional.

For more information on cost and times available please email: or or call 970-627-9447

References  available upon request